Lyndall’s Spring Cleanse

    I chose to do the juicing cleanse when I didn’t have any travel on as I was advised it’s best done that way and in retrospect that was great advice as it is a time of conservation so energy levels can be a bit lower. Day 1 was by far the hardest day … Continue reading Lyndall’s Spring Cleanse

Q & A with Lyndall Mitchell – inside my life

I know a lot of people struggle to find their career path, how did you find yours? When I left school I went straight into midnight to dawn shifts at Sea FM on the Gold Coast. I discovered it was not the pathway for me for the long term, how could I get up and … Continue reading Q & A with Lyndall Mitchell – inside my life

A Happier Life with Boundaries

So often when coaching, I hear clients that are in total overwhelm and feeling unmotivated. They are unclear, sometimes to the point where that creates severe anxiety.  For some, work has lost its purpose and meaning and it feels like the world is against them.  Others feel like they spend more time looking after other … Continue reading A Happier Life with Boundaries

Time Out from The Mental Checklist

When I was doing my morning practice of yoga and meditation recently, it dawned on me that I spend so much time during the day with the next task on my mind, my mental checklist that keeps rolling throughout the day. This is efficient and effective for our workday, however how much time do we … Continue reading Time Out from The Mental Checklist

Mind Gym – Exercise for the Mind

In today’s busy world, we are constantly pressured to multi-task in order to get everything we have on our to-do list done, but multi-tasking all the time isn’t good for us. Multi-tasking can drain our energy, increase stress, and affect our health negatively. Below are three easy and accessible ways to help create more focus, … Continue reading Mind Gym – Exercise for the Mind

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