ASPAR and Aurora Spa grew from a deep passion for wellness from our Director, Lyndall Mitchell.

After living all her early life in the rhythm of nature on a idyllic tropical fruit farm, Lyndall lived, breathed and experienced life in harmony with nature. That journey has continued in Lyndall’s career where she is most passionate about helping clients achieve an optimum state of health and wellness.

“I had a vision that I wanted to create a spa retreat in an urban environment; somewhere people could come regularly, whether that be for an hour, 2 hours or a whole day to stop, relax, re-charge and focus on health and wellness,” Lyndall says.

Seemingly endless amounts of research went into fulfilling that vision. Lyndall took time to travel to Europe, Asia and the USA to examine and compare contemporary spa practices, ensuring that when Aurora opened in 361 Beaconsfield Parade in St Kilda in 1997, it was truly a pioneer Spa.

In 2000 Aurora moved to its current location at the stylish Prince Hotel in St Kilda and the result is Aurora Spa being recognised internationally as one of the world’s leading spa retreats.

Since 1997, growth of the business has exceeded expectations and today Aurora Spa employs more than 50 people.

“Every treatment, every spa retreat and every product is focused on delivering maximum results to our clients. “To achieve this day in day out wouldn’t be possible without the passion and commitment of the whole Aurora team,” says Lyndall.

The essence of ASPAR and the Aurora spa remain the same as when they started; a focus on natural beauty and wellness and giving people the simple tools to live a more relaxed, happy and stress free life.

Today Lyndall juggles the business responsibilities which include concept, design, operations, management, spa treatments and product development for ASPAR. She also promotes wellness and wellbeing through a number of books and offers life coaching to individuals around the world.

Refreshingly honest and sensitive to human needs and limitations, Lyndall epitomises and lives the healthy and balanced life she wishes for all her staff and clients.

A mother of 2 young girls, Lyndall manages to beautifully juggle the roles of family and business owner, all the while finding time to exercise, eat healthily and regularly practice yoga and meditate.

“My personal goal is to live a healthy, happy, harmonious life, and my goal for ASPAR and Aurora is to offer clients the opportunity to experience and integrate their own take on wellness in to their lives to help them be the best they can be. That’s what I am truly passionate about.”

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Lyndall Mitchell
Lyndall Mitchell
Lyndall Mitchell