Exfoliating Body Mitt



A natural exfoliating Body Mitt made with Rami – a strong natural plant fibre. The mitt can be used for wet or dry exfoliation to stimulate the lymphatic system to breakdown and remove toxins. Machine washable.


Removes the outer layer of dry, dull skin to encourage rejuvenation of skin cells leaving skin feeling soft and more radiant. Helps to improve skin tone and circulation and can reduce cellulite

Spa Tip

For wet exfoliation soak the mitt in the water and apply Body Cleanser to the mitt. Massage the body in a circular motion, focusing on areas of dry skin. Use as a dry body brush to encourage lymphatic drainage by using soft strokes around your body starting with your feet and moving towards your heart.


Natural Ramie Fibres

Care: We recommend machine washing your mitt regularly, and allowing to completely dry after use.

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Daily Spa Rituals

Your weekly deep cleansing ritual to increase cell renewal, skin vitality and radiance.


Before bathing / Use your mitt to dry body brush before bathing or showering to remove dead skin cells. In upward strokes, lightly brush the dry mitt towards the heart to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage.


During bathing / Apply your ASPAR Body Cleanser or Exfoliant to your dampened Exfoliating Mitt and gentle massage over the body in circular motions towards the heart.

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Complete your spa ritual

Use our Exfoliating Body Mitt with a number of ASPAR products to create an enriching and relaxing ritual.

ASPAR products were created for use at the award-winning AURORA Spa in Melbourne.

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Dimensions 6 × 10 × 6 cm

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