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Wellbeing is such an all-encompassing word nowadays, and attention towards your own is more important than ever. But if I were to ask you what you did today, or this week, or this month to take care of your own wellbeing, would you be able to tell me?

So many of us get caught up in the busyness of our daily lives, and while there’s nothing wrong with being busy, it is important it doesn’t come at the detriment of our health. If we don’t make time for our wellness, we may very well be forced to make time for our illness.

Making well-being a priority amongst your busy life can be easier than you think, and can turn out to be one of the most satisfying additions to your to-do list.

So what exactly is wellbeing?

Wellbeing for life is feeling comfortable, healthy and happy. This is not only physically but mentally too. There are many activities that you can do to improve and maintain your physical and mental wellbeing. And the key factor is finding well-being activities that actually excite and fulfilling you! Yoga is often cited as a great wellbeing activity for both the mind and the body, but don’t force yourself to do yoga if you think it’s the most boring thing on the planet. Walking along the beach can have the same impact.

Take a moment to connect with your body and mind and think about what activities you would actually enjoy.

Wellbeing activities that we love

There are many wellbeing rituals and activities that are small, simple additions to your daily life that can have big effects.

For example, essential oils can help give your mind a much needed break, enriching and calming your senses. Dab a few drops of ASPAR Relax Essential Oil onto your wrist and inhale the refreshing and calming oils that sooth an irritated and busy mind.

The soft illumination of candles can also help your mind reach a state of calm even achieve a meditative state. The low light that comes from a candle is captured by your sight and sent straight to your brain for processing. Light up an ASPAR Lavender & Patchouli Candle and enjoy a refreshing bubble bath filled with the wonderful aroma of our gorgeously revitalising Grapefruit and Seaweed Revitalising Body Cleanser.

If you have more time why not try something unique and different like conscious dancing or a massage or spa treatment.

One of our favourite wellbeing rituals, that helps when we’re stressed or worn out looks like the following:

1. Connect and open up to your heart space. This process is all about placing your attention onto your heart space.

2. Close your eyes and bring your awareness into your heart. Breathe and imagine a light shining inside you. Feel the energy building inside you as you continue to place your gentle attention onto your heart space.

3. Do this as often as you like. It is especially powerful when in a moment of flustered stress as it will immediately calm and centre you back into the present moment. Well-being is living connected to your heart, and then you live connected to the power of life itself.

There are many fun and creative ways you can make your wellbeing a priority and reap the rewards of having more energy, more vibrancy and happiness. Schedule in regular time to look after your mental, physical and spiritual self. Self-care is giving the world – your family, friends, work, and yourself the very best of you, rather than what’s left of you.

Lyndall Mitchell

Author Lyndall Mitchell

Lyndall is an author, wellness entrepreneur, and accredited coach who thrives in seeing her clients benefit from her wellness philosophies. She is also founder of the Aurora Spa and ASPAR product Group, Australia’s pioneering, award-winning urban spa organisation andco-owner of The Essentialists, her partnership with Shannah Kennedy that provide a Masterclass of life and wellness skills to the corporate market.

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